All possible types of measurements that can be obtained from a vehicle.


Measurement The Measurement is the base for all OpenXC measurements. 


AcceleratorPedalPosition The AcceleratorPedalPosition is the percentage the pedal is depressed. 
BaseMeasurement<TheUnit extends Unit> The BaseMeasurement is the base implementation of the Measurement, and wraps an instance of a Unit, and the value it returns is always in terms of this Unit. 
BrakePedalStatus The BrakePedalStatus measurement knows if the brake pedal is pressed. 
EngineSpeed The EngineSpeed measurement represents the speed of the engine. 
EventedMeasurement<TheUnit extends Unit>  
FuelConsumed The FuelConsumed is the fuel consumed since the vehicle was started. 
FuelLevel The FuelLevel is the current level of fuel in the gas tank. 
HeadlampStatus The HeadlampStatus measurement knows if the headlamps are off or on. 
HighBeamStatus The HighBeamStatus measurement knows if the high beams are on. 
IgnitionStatus The IgnitionStatus is the current status of the vehicle's ignition. 
Latitude The Latitude is the current latitude of the vehicle in degrees according to GPS. 
Longitude The Longitude is the current longitude of the vehicle in degrees according to GPS. 
Odometer The Odometer is a persistent odometer recording. 
ParkingBrakeStatus The ParkingBrakeStatus measurement knows if the parking brake is engaged or not. 
SteeringWheelAngle The SteeringWheelAngle is the angle of the steering wheel. 
TorqueAtTransmission The TorqueAtTransmission is the actual current torque in the transmission. 
TransmissionGearPosition The TransmissionGearPosition is the actual current gear of the transmission. 
VehicleButtonEvent A ButtonEvent represents a button press, release or hold on the vehicle HMI. 
VehicleDoorStatus A DoorStatus represents a door's ajar status. 
VehicleSpeed The VehicleSpeed is the current forward speed of the vehicle. 


VehicleButtonEvent.ButtonAction The ButtonAction is the specific event that ocurred. 
VehicleButtonEvent.ButtonId The ButtonId is the direction of a button within a single control cluster. 
VehicleDoorStatus.DoorId The DoorId is the specific door of the vehicle.