CanMessage A VehicleMessage that is a low-level CAN message. 
Command A Command message defined by the OpenXC message format. 
CommandResponse A response to a Command from the vehicle interface. 
DiagnosticMessage An abstract base class to hold common fields and logic for diagnostic requests and responses. 
DiagnosticRequest A diagnostic request message, for example an OBD-II request. 
DiagnosticResponse A diagnostic response message from the vehicle interface. 
EventedSimpleVehicleMessage A simple vehicle message also with an event field. 
ExactKeyMatcher A helper base class for a KeyMatcher that matches exactly one key, e.g. 
KeyedMessage A KeyedMessage is a VehicleMessage with a unique key that identifies this message, and potentailly responses to this message. 
KeyMatcher A KeyMatcher is used to filter incoming vehicle messages to decide which should be passed on to registered listeners. 
MessageKey A MessageKey is an identifying key for a VehicleMessage. 
NamedVehicleMessage A NamedVehicleMessage is a VehicleMessage with a name field. 
SimpleVehicleMessage The SimpleVehicleMessage is a simple vehicle message as defined by the OpenXC message format - it has a name and a value field. 
VehicleMessage The VehicleMessage is the most basic, root form of data going back and forth between the OpenXC library and a vehicle interface.