A collection of unit classes used to avoid making false assumptions about the unit of values received from the vehicle.


Boolean A boolean type of Unit. 
Degree Degree, a unit angle of measurement or in a coordinate system. 
Kilometer Kilometer is an SI unit of distance. 
KilometersPerHour KilometersPerHour is an SI derived unit of velocity. 
Liter A Liter is a metric system unit of volume. 
Meter A Meter is the base unit of length in the SI. 
NewtonMeter A NewtonMeter is a unit of torque. 
Percentage Percentage, a unit expressing a number as a fraction of 100. 
Quantity<T extends Number> A quantitative type of Unit
RotationsPerMinute RotationsPerMinute is a measure of the frequency of a rotation. 
State<T extends Enum<?>> A State is a type of Unit with a limited number of acceptable values. 
Unit The base interface for all values returned by a BaseMeasurement