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This library allows you to use vehicle data (from an OpenXC vehicle interface) in any regular Android application.

The project is set up as an Android library, so to use it in Eclipse, import the project and mark it as a library dependency for your own project.

This documentation is a bit more low-level than most OpenXC application developers will require. Most developers will be more interested in the documentation at These Javadocs are made available primarily as a better interface for looking at the library internals (although try browsing the code on GitHub, it's quite nice!).

com.openxc This is the top-level package of the OpenXC library.
com.openxc.interfaces The interfaces and implementation of vehicle interfaces, capable of sending data from an application to the vehicle.
com.openxc.interfaces.bluetooth Contains the classes for connecting to a vehicle interface via Bluetooth. Contains a vehicle data source that connects to a vehicle interface via a network.
com.openxc.interfaces.usb Contains a vehicle data source that connects to a vehicle interface via USB.
com.openxc.measurements All possible types of measurements that can be obtained from a vehicle.
com.openxc.messages.formatters Classes capable of serializing and deserializing VehicleMessage instances.
com.openxc.remote Provides a centralized process, exposed as an Android service, to control access to measurements from the vehicle.
com.openxc.sinks Contains classes that can perform some function on all vehicle measurements received.
com.openxc.sources Contains classes that generate new vehicle measurements (from USB, Serial, a trace file, etc.).
com.openxc.sources.trace Contains a vehicle data source implementation that reads from OpenXC trace files.
com.openxc.units A collection of unit classes used to avoid making false assumptions about the unit of values received from the vehicle.
com.openxc.util Provides common utilities such as data aging and file manipulation.